With generously cushioned body and classic designs, sofas become the seat treat of our rooms. The look and elegance of a room completely depend on this centerpiece of work. Hunting for a sofa by ticking all your checklist is a tedious process. To narrow down your search for a comfortable three seater sofa here are a few points that would help.


For a person to sit upright without crushing their garments with utmost satisfaction, chesterfield sofa is the best. Having its origin from the 18th century, this three seater delight still in demand.  Its tufted design and majestic appearance bring home luxury with style.


Bridgewater sofa holds a traditional and staple sofa design. With the armrest are slightly rolled back and height is lower than the back it provides a comfortable position to rest. It fits perfectly with all types of room decor and turns out to be a stand out feature of the room.



Camelback sofa stands unique with its feature of high back in the center that gradually descends towards the arms. The wooden legs and arms increase its durability. Artworks in the wooden frames display its beauty making up with the classic themed room.



Sofa without a back is called a divan. When placed along the bare wall, pillows can be arranged for a cushioned back. The versatility of the sofa depends on its placement. Rejuvenate on your elegant comfy backless sofa.


Sofa having high arm level with sofa back cutting across is the uniqueness of tuxedo style sofa. This classy looking sofa with straight lines comes from New York background giving a luxurious look to your space. It is being designed for lounges and lobbies without overpowering the space.


The trademark design with continuous height back and folded inwards arms makes cabriole unique. Some Cabrioles come with wooden frames along the back and arms, while some are designed without wooden trim.  Its design includes ornate elements to add more comfort such as cushions throughout it for a cozy feel.


This style has a minimal design and clean lines from mid-century times. It provides a fabulous view when coupled with the external room designs. The simple geometric designs, with contrasting black and white and colors ranging from neutral to bold signifies its style.


Sectional sofas have been trending in the interior decor scenario for quite a while now. The brilliant combination of looks, comfort, variety, and class is its biggest advantage. With design options such as recliners, texture, color, dimensions, number of seats, and additional features such as charger and mug holders, three seater sofa sectionals are indeed every interior designer’s dream come true sofa.


There are innumerable designs, colors, dimensions, and textures of three seater sofas that you can choose from and match with your interior decors, but you need to take care that your choice in three seater sofa does not create a decor mess. You need the support of the expert interior designers from Satorie Smart Space. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.