Style, Size, Shape, Color, and Texture – Choosing the Best Sectional Sofa for Your Home

Sectional sofas are quite in vogue now, with every home hoping to own a smart-looking sectional sofa. You have a million options when you go in to buy a sectional sofa. But choosing your dream sofa can be quite a nightmare if you are not clear about what style of sofa perfectly fits within your home’s design theme, dimensions, color concept, and family’s needs. You will be stuck with an uncomfortable and out-of-place-looking sofa.

So Satorie Smart Space, the sofa specialists, have decided to show you a small sample of the range of sectional sofas that are tailormade for just your home.

Traditional living rooms

Traditional homes can enjoy a subtle balance in their decor theme with a modern sectional sofa, but this fusion design incorporating  Lawson style in sectionals is a bright idea that retains the classic style of a cushion-back sofa but with the modern twist of sectional sofa dimensions and design that fit into any home with ease. You can choose any texture and color of your choice, fitting your decor theme perfectly.


Semi-formal relaxation zones

In most homes, you really cannot really carve out a separate entertainment zone, so your sofa will have to play a double role. In one role you will need the sofa to entertain guests and in the other role, you will need the sofa to be a chilling out buddy. So you need options where you can stretch your feet as you watch your favorite show and a crisp seating option when you have guests over. This type of sectional sofa fits the bill, with its lounge seat, clean edges, smart texture, and subtle mustard shade with a dark piping.


Complete entertainment zone

Those that love to use their space primarily for entertainment, in terms of watching television, playing games, and entertaining friends will love this leather delight. This sectional sofa has quick a few tricks up its sleeve with smart speakers, charging ports, and recliner designs that help you stretch out and lean back in comfort.

Stylish and trendy with flexible neck rest

Perfect for modern minimalist homes, these leather sofas in unique pastel shades come with a flexible neck rest option that you can use depending on the role your sofa is playing.

Storage options in sofa

Many of us are in desperate need for an optional seating concept – for those extra seats you want to tuck away until you have a sudden need for them when you have many people visiting. These brilliant sectionals have a central storage option that can hide away your additional rectangular seating options that look like mini-ottomans that can be used when needed and stored away otherwise. So you can easily say goodbye to clutter.

Classy shelf option

A sectional sofa where you can also store your quick essentials, say, the remotes, a pen and paper or your keys. Stash away your immediate items that need to be within your hands reach in this special sectional sofa, which has a side wooden cabin of just the required size.


Large sofas

Large living spaces cannot manage tiny sofas – they just clutter the available space so you cannot benefit from all the spaces. Such homes can benefit from the smart large sectionals that can seat just as many people as you wish

Plain and simple

For the simple and straightforward home who love clean and classy cuts, there’s always the standard sectional sofa that will fit perfectly in size and shape.

So the sectionals are indeed magical options you can use in your living rooms – with a million shapes, sizes, designs, textures, and colors you can choose from. But to make a perfect choice and to customize sofas based on your needs, you need the help of some sofa experts – that’s exactly who we are. Come to Satorie Smart Space and we can show you our extensive collection of sofas and help you find your perfect sofa mate!

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