Smart Kitchen Interior Design – The Brilliant Functionality of a Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen is one of the most effective designer modular kitchen designs. All you need is some smart solutions to work around the decor concepts of a parallel kitchen and you can have a beautiful and easy-maintenance imported or premium modular kitchen right here in Chennai! But what’s so great about a parallel kitchen. Let’s look at an example and find out.

1 The parallel shape

A parallel-shaped kitchen uses every bit of available space in style. So, you can easily plan all your storage based on how you divide your working zones. For example, you can decide to have the prep zone to the right of the stove and hence have drawers that store the knives and cutting board in this zone. In addition, the spices and utensils can be stored in different shelves and cupboards around the stove zone.

2 Stove and sink

The stove and sink can be placed on opposite sides, which is quite an advantage with this shape. It helps you easily access freshly washed vessels and also keep used vessels from the stove straight into the sink. The sink is well planned with double basins and a vegetable washer. There is extensive space to dry the vessels and the cupboard above the sink has a grilled base for the water to drain. The stove and the chimney are also placed optimally with enough working space on either side.

3 Lights

This is such a well-lit kitchen, thanks to the bright glass door with wooden frames. This natural light is supported by a smart array of well-planned artificial lighting. The recessed lights ensure a well-distributed lighting across both the sides of the kitchen. The undercabinet lights provide enough light to perform your kitchen tasks with ease.

4 Tiles

The tile plan of this kitchen leans toward uniformity. The light brown and white granite and tile combination makes the kitchen look spacious. The matched pattern across the floor and the splashback give the kitchen a neat and less-cluttered look. The tiles cover about three-fourths of the walls, while a grayish-white wall color and ceiling add to the space of the room.

5 Cabinets

The cabinets are the highlight of this kitchen. They provide oodles of storage space in the kitchen, with closed shelves and pull-out drawers covering about 95 percent of the kitchen’s storage requirement of utensils, cutleries, and pantry items. This gives the kitchen a neat and clean appearance, ensuring that every item is well within reach. The rich black color of the cabinets provides a welcome contrast to the otherwise light-colored kitchen.

6 Wall holders

The wall holders serve multiple purposes. They help you organize your quick-need spices, your common-use plates and cups, and knives and cutlery right where you need them, without really cluttering the space. These holders have different designs, which help serve different storage purposes.

7 Kitchen top

The kitchen top is straightforward black granite, which is durable, easy to maintain, and sparkly clean. The black color matches the black cabinets.


This parallel kitchen is bright, sunny, spacious, and neat, all that you need a relaxing and fun cooking experience. Do get in touch with our decor experts at https://satorie.in or call us at 098404 88402 for more such exciting decor solutions for your kitchen.