Rise and Shine Brightly in Your Smart Bedroom

Bedrooms are tranquil sanctuaries of comfort, where you rejuvenate your tired souls, minds, and bodies.

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day in the bedroom and our predominant mood while in this room is that of rest and relaxation. So, why not plan your bedroom design with passion and care.

What should you consider while designing your bedroom interiors?

      • Purpose: Sleeping, of course! But bedrooms are also places of relaxation, meditation, reading, quiet family time, and personal care. Many homes also squeeze in television and other forms of entertainment, as well as home offices, within their bedrooms.



      • Lighting: All efforts at creating an elegant restful oasis draw blank if the lighting’s wrong – imagine trying to rest under the strong glare of bright light or straining your eyes to check your make-up under poor lighting. A customized lighting arrangement that dims and brightens based on requirement would be the ideal setting.



      • Color: Innumerable research studies highlight the nature and character of various colors. Since bedroom is a place of relaxation, vivid colors such as yellow, red, or orange and bold patterns might not be ideal. However, adding a dash of colors through well-placed accessories such as throw pillows, curtains, or display items will do the magic. Pleasant blue, green, and shades of white are ideal.



      • Position and type of furniture: Furniture defines the personality of your bedroom, theme-, purpose-, function-, and need-based furniture adds immense flavor to the room. But the position, pattern, size, make, and material of each furniture must complement each other and provide a harmonious look and feel to the bedroom.



      • Quiet corners: It’s that quiet corner of your bedroom or that lazy spot next to the window that’s most restful. Transform such special spaces into your special haven – add a cozy chair, a footrest, a tiny side table, and some light – voila; you’ve just created your own island of happiness and relaxation!



      • Clutter-free zone: Clutter is the biggest villain to a relaxed mind – so remove all the mess (clothes, paper, heavy upholstery, loud decorative articles, etc.) from the bedroom to bring in positivity. The simple rule – if you don’t remember why you bought it or the last time you used it, the article needs to go!



      • Adding a feel of space: Many simple tactics help add a feeling of space in the bedroom, such as hanging mirrors in strategic positions, using the right-sized furniture, using multifunctional items, leveraging vertical space for storage and display, and so on.



      • Objects inspiring relaxation and fond memories: Happy sights, memories, and sounds stimulate happy thoughts and relaxation. Fond memories framed in pictures, wind chimes, and beautiful images go a long way in letting positivity into the bedroom.



      • Technology in bedrooms: Keep all forms of tech gadgets out of the bedroom – from your mobile phones to the television. These are harmful for your eye and keep your mind in a perennial state of excitement.



Remember, most of our days begin and end in our bedroom; hence treat this coveted room with care and respect. After all, this is the only place where you are your true self!

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