Music-Friendly Interior Decor Elements for the Melodious Souls

Music lovers have a rhythmic soul, and their homes certainly reflect a harmonious decor that resonates their love for the sounds of music. Here are some music-friendly interior decor elements you can introduce to tune your home in the rhythms of your own music!

Theme-based rooms

You could always go for theme-based rooms if you are a huge fan of any particular band or artist. Go for an Abbey road (In case you want a Beatles room) set up with predominantly brown and red in the background. You could also set up a collection of old-style records, which add a retro look to your rooms. You could opt for curtains that match the wall decor along with a dark and deep colored furnishing and the addition of drum set in the best-suited corner of the room, preferably dim-lit.

A concert feel to rooms

Stick with wall skyscraper in your bedrooms for a concert look. If you are planning to hang your instruments on the wall, make sure that the temperature of the place is maintained to a lower degree. If you are a huge fan of Indian classical music, then use Tabla/Sitar showpieces on the entrance or in the living room for a traditional interior decor feel.

Jazzy bedrooms

Are you bored with your simple bedroom and want a little spark in there? Go for a bold black and white combination with an exotic blackboard accent wall, where you can create musical graffiti. Decorate the walls with musical notes and for a more intricate setup, go for musical notes-shaped curtain hooks.
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Living room

Want a more sassy and trendy living room? Stick to soothing colors or black and white walls with Musical notes-shaped candle stands. One could always go for key-board aluminum art and guitar-shaped tables. What’s perfect? An actual grand piano in your living room – leave the rest of your room’s décor untouched so the piano can be the highlight of your home.
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Dedicated music rooms

Dedicated music lovers can plan special rooms that speak only the language of music. Include sound-proofed rooms with light and inspiring decor with music-based themes and comfortable seating options.
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Music-inspired workspace

Decorate your quiet and focused workspace with some bright musical elements. It could be a guitar to some artistic notes to even music records. Watch the space transform into your own unique and decorative corner.
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Music-based decor elements

Music-based elements such as musical notations, vintage records, favorite album covers, and every nostalgic musical moment can be framed on walls or displays and entertainment centers.
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All that we music lovers need to do is to explore the market for trendy pieces of art. So go creative and all musical, from musical notes to your favorite band. Spruce up your home’s interiors with some rock, pop, Bollywood, Hindustani, or evergreen yesteryear musical decor. This unique interior decor theme will need some help from the decor experts. If you are from Chennai, India, then we’re there to help!

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