Make a Subtle Décor Statement with Amazing Decor Lampshades

Decor lampshades are usually the last to be purchased in a home.

Once the home décor is done, lampshades are chosen to accentuate the walls and corners to enhance the interiors. The market is full of lampshades of all sizes and colors. However, choosing the right ones is indeed a tough decision. Let us explore a few amazing lampshades that will brighten up your living space.

Living room

Lamps add a lot of pattern and color to a living room. They act as perfect accessories that can highlight a corner or create a gorgeous pattern on the wall. If you are not a fan of overhead fixtures particularly, you can definitely experiment with accent lights. They can be used to highlight a particular piece of art or tall plants in the living room.



Dining area

Lampshades act as a great accessory in the dining area. With gorgeous designs available in the market, these corner-based delights serve as amazing decorative focal points in a large room.



The bedroom is the coziest place in your house. It’s your haven and there is nothing more beautiful than perfect lampshades to highlight both sides of the bed. Getting lampshades of the same color or ones that complement each other is a perfect way to enjoy perfect lighting. You can add tall corner lampshades to create ambient lighting as well.


Reading corner

A comfortable and functional choice of the lampshade is perfect for your reading corners. Look for shades that do not add glare to your reading experience.


Entertainment room

Lampshades are a critical addition to your home theater space. Plan your lampshades more from an application point of view than appearance.


Floor lamps

Floor lamps give the room an elegant touch and brighten up the living space in a unique way.


Modern and vintage

Try and experiment with unusual styles in lampshades in terms of the shade, the stand, and the overall look and feel


Decor lampshades come in a plethora of designs and colors, shapes, and sizes but the one that looks best for you will depend on its placement in the room. For more lampshade décor ideas for Chennai interior decor lovers, do contact Satorie’s design consultants at https://smartspace.satorie.in today!