Let’s Add Some Brightness with Smart Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom rugs are a blessing. They give your bedrooms a casual yet smart look. But selecting that perfect rug depends on the dimension of your room, the climate, your tendency for allergies, the decor theme, and so on. Why is that? Rugs come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and lengths that you can play around with.

So if you are looking at revamping your boring bedroom, here are some smart rug options:

Beside rugs

Beside rugs are the most common form of rugs in the bedroom. Imagine setting your feet on some soft and fluffy rug the first thing in the morning! Match the size of the rug to the length of your bed and don’t forget to color coordinate.

soft rug

At the foot of the bed

The foot of the bed is the perfect location to bring some decor influence into the room. Depending on the size of the room, you can use area rugs that extend slightly or spread beyond the area of the bed.

area rugs

Texture and pattern

Contrasting shades and pattern add another decor dimension to your rest space. Unique geometric and organic patterns give your bedroom a unique personality. Go in for a splash of bright color if your room has a pastel shade of match its color to the single contrasting wall for a great appearance.

Contrasting shades


Go vintage or all Persian if your bedroom decor is bordering on classic or if you need to give your bedroom decor a neat twist. But do watch out for maintenance issues, especially for a warm zone like Chennai.


Define zones

Area rugs are super useful is defining zones within your bedroom, whether it is your bed or you quiet reading space. Go bold and all contrast in your selection if you want the rug to be the hero of your bedroom. But stay safe and within the theme if you want your rug to merge with the rest of your decor.


Stay safe rugs

Rugs are simple and effective solutions to be sure that your tiny tots are safe at play in their rooms. Yes, children’s bedrooms are probably the toughest to plan. A perfect balance between functionality, beauty, curiosity, and safety is quite a challenge to achieve. But when it comes to rugs, please select rugs that do not attract dust and ensure the safety of the children. Go in for large yet easy maintenance options.

safe at play

Eye-catching rugs

An engaging, and attractive, rug option in bedrooms is to have cartoon characters or cute animal forms. This adds an interesting flavor to the room.


Rug shapes

Select rug shapes that complement the shape of the room and the furniture – narrow spaces can have rectangular rugs, while rugs under side tables are attractive when they are oval. Circular rugs can highlight the attractive aspect of a room, while square rugs are used to cover expansive areas of the room.


Mix-and-match area rugs

Get adventurous and experiment with textures and shape – and create an overlapping magical effect in your bedroom.


Choosing perfect bedroom rugs is some serious task indeed! But we are sure you now know what your rug personality is. For more design options and guidance, do connect with our design consultants at https://smartspace.satorie.in