Know Your Sofa Designs – 8 Types of Smart Sofas That Highlight Your Interior Decor

Sofas are the heart of your interior decor. They can bring in a perfect blend of glamour and sophistication to your home. It’s a long-term investment that’s going to be a part of our family for at least the next couple of years. Thus, a wise pick considering both style and need can do it right. But there are way too many sofa designs in the market. What’s the ideal design for your home?
Is it the multipurpose wonder or the traditional old-school charm? What are the trending sofa picks in the market?
Here are a few varieties of smart sofas that you should take a glance before selecting the one for your home.

Sectional sofa

Is your lounge room small or are you looking for the one perfect piece of sofa to entirely cover your conversation area? Then sectional sofas can be the convincing choice.
Sectionals act as the perfect highlighters for your room and conveniently fill up the corners providing you with enough space to move around. The traditional setup of a sectional sofa will give you the feel of completeness no matter how big or small it is.


Quilted and tufted! The curved arms and the majestic look of chesterfield sofas are incomparable. It is a traditional charm that is now composed of combinations with a modern touch. The exclusive range of chesterfield sofa will bring home love and luxury.

Lawson sofa

It is known for its retro style and comfort. Its large back cushions and its arms that are lower than the back are its comfort quotient. Today Lawson type sofas are customizable in terms of its fabric, design, and size, letting you create your own unique one.


Equal height of the arms and back is Cabriole’s signature design. There has an exposed trim on the top line of the sofa along the back and arms. Cabriole can be the one for you if “Traditional and comfortable” is what you’re looking for.

Lounge type

Spice up your décor with lounge sofa. They are comfy soft couches making a perfect spot for a family time. There are a variety of lounge sofas available for you to choose from. They will make an ideal love seat for you within your budget.


Amazing design and incredible look – that’s camelback sofa. This 18th-century adorable style is now refined to suit the current trend without losing its class. Its characteristic camel-back central hump gives it a unique style.

Extendable sofa

Extendable sofas are a boon to homes with limited real estate. They make added seating space for guests and a perfect bed to sleep. With smart designs that fit any modern home interior, these multipurpose sofas are quite a rage.

Single-seater sofa

Perfect for relaxing. Trendy and comfortable choice to spend some personal time with a hot coffee and your favorite book, these sofas come in a million designs, shapes, and textures. Choose your favorite corner and then go shopping for the perfect sofa design that fits this space like a glove. There are a wide range of designs, from the traditional single sofa to the quirky and royal carriage-style sofa.


There are many more brilliant and smart designs. We know you are already feeling curious to know more. No worries! Just get in touch with our expert sofa designers at Satorie and we’ll help you find you soul-mate sofa design. For more such cozy room décor ideas, do drop in at http://smartspace.satorie.in or call us at 098404 88402.