Bring Home the Bright Colors of Summer through Some Smart Interior Decor Ideas

Selecting the right color palette for every room gives your home the sophisticated and cohesive look. Unlike dark shades, the bright ones do not absorb light which makes the room visually bigger than its actual size. Bright and bold shades don’t have to be restricted to the kids’ room anymore. With some super smart interior decor ideas, you can light up your home with some eye-catching, bright, and summery colors. Here are some of Satorie Smart Space’s favorite interior decor colors that bring bright summer into your homes

Quirky Yellow

Yellow is the color of hope, happiness, and sunshine. Yellow shades will flood your home with positive vibes bringing in energy and optimism. Gorgeous yellow gives you an electric living room with tons of style. It is the best pick to enhance the mood of the room. Shades of yellow such as mustard, gold, and canary refresh your space instantly with woody and dusky shades. They are just apt for furniture.


Fresh Green

Nothing is better than the natural brilliance of green. The simplest way to decorate your room with green is by installing home plants. Green is one of the prettiest colors – the color of freshness and growth. Give your walls the richness and cozy feel with forest green. Light green curtains and rugs accessorize the room bringing in serenity and freshness. Green shades are relaxing to human eyes.

Dazzling Orange

Orange is a tricky color to be used in the home décor. But with the right combo, it brightens up the décor accessorizing the space. Introduce traces of orange to highlight your room through table lamps, decorative accessories, ornaments, etc. Gain an edge by combining orange with contrasting colors.


Brilliant Blue

Shades of blue are the perfect pick to beat the summer heat. These cool shades unload tons of softness when combined with white. Blue shades are relaxing to human eyes and it blends perfectly with all shades of décor.


Radiant Pink

Give a rosy makeover to your home. Pink will look gorgeously chic when used smartly. Pink with white is a classic combination of style. The trendy combination of pink and purple will overload your rooms with cuteness.

The color wheel has many color combinations and interior decor ideas that you can experiment with, but you need to take care that this initiative does not create a decor mess. You need the support of the expert interior designers from Satorie Smart Space. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.