Go Green with Your Home Decor  – Some Spectacular Ideas to Introduce Freshness in Your Interior Decor

Green is synonymous with energy, freshness, and positivity; hence the innumerable shades of green in your home decor bring your home closer to nature’s beautiful shades, filling it with optimism and the drive to achieve.

So what options do you have to get started on a “greening” mission at your home?

Living room walls: Green-white-and black make for an awesome color theme, with a spotlight wall in bright green and balanced well by a pristine white or a gray color on the other support walls.



Green sofa: If you find bright green walls a visual overload, go in for an apple green shade of sectionals and matching curtains, against an off-white background theme.  This really brings out the pleasant green influence of the color



Say it with some cool cushions: Green is cool – especially the pastel shades of green. Bring home calming cool green with lovely cushions and soft candles in green.



Kitchen walls: The green kitchen walls have a welcoming and appetizing effect – give green microtiles a try for the subtle effect



Kitchen cabinets: Bright green cabinets against white walls have a brilliant effect and is quite maintenance friendly



Reading corner: The freshness of the green-blue combination is classic and unmatchable. A cozy, comfortable single seater in your favorite corner multiplies in value with a touch of green

06_quite reading


Home office: Go green and yellow for some inspirational and optimistic feel when getting work done at home



Indoor plants: How can we forget nature’s loving gift in green – amazing indoor plants. Brighten up any space in your home with some well-planned indoor plants



Bedroom walls: Subtle shades of green add to the classy look of bedrooms, especially when combined with mixed with contrasting shades of green



Green wallpaper and headboard: Green upholstery and green headboards are amazing add-ons to any bedroom, with the lush green spelling comfort and luxury.



Children’s room: Green matches the spectacular energy of children, infusing immense positivity in their day-to-day activities. Try green decor elements against a subtle wall color for a complete effect



Rugs: Green rugs gives a feel of green grass and a possible connect with nature – a seeming rarity in today’s concrete world



So with all these brilliant options to infuse green in your home, you really should be all inspired to “go green!”

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