Entertainment Center Wall Unit Ideas That Your Living Rooms Will Fall in Love With

Entertainment center wall units are the lifelines of every living room interior décor. They are not just consoles that package your entertainment options such as TV and video games. In addition, they also have additional display and storage options. These brilliant décor elements can not just organize your home but also give your living room interior a beautiful décor personality. This one element can serve multiple purposes and also increase the elegance quotient of your room. So, let’s look at some interesting options in entertainment centers.

Color-coordinated consoles

You can go in for sleek and classy color-coordinated cabinets with open and closed shelves that exponentially enhance the visual brilliance of your living room. This approach is perfect for modern homes with limited space, with options to display your precious memorabilia and lots of storage for your books, magazines, and remotes.


Complete wall units

This design incorporates intricate and varied patterns across the entire wall to create a beautiful assortment of décor elements. In addition, this design includes floating wall shelf racks, a central entertainment console with options to hide the wires and closed cabinets to store your easy access items. Hence, this elaborate design not just engages an entire section of your living room but also provides an interesting mix and match of different textures.


Bookshelves and reflecting surfaces

Limited spaces for living rooms can benefit from vertical, closed cabinets having reflecting surfaces one wall uses multiple textures including mirror and wood to create an interesting hybrid décor. This modified entertainment center wall unit also has options to cover the messy wirings and has all options of closed an open shelves. This design is indeed a favorite among book lovers.


Extensively closed traditional cabinets

A traditional wall unit, which is more of a design that covers corner spaces, includes space for television, and an elaborate color-contrasted combination of closed cabinets. The variance is brought in using dark-shaded cabinets and translucent doors. The characteristic element of this design is a wall-length wardrobe-style cabinet that promises extensive storage space.


Wall unit as a décor element

A smart console that houses the messy wirings using a textured inset wall design supported by a simple closed horizontal shelf at floor level transforms the console into a beautiful décor element. Thus this console is actually part of the entire room’s décor.


Elaborate wall units

A complete wall unit for an entertainment center that is a separate piece of furniture looks elaborate and all-encompassing. This décor option works only for large living rooms, else it oppresses small space, giving it a cluttered look. Essentially, the main advantage of this look is that it is a single, independent unit. This unit has a collection of different-shaped cabinets combined aesthetically with each other. The lower row is full of covered cabinets with simple handles. The central console houses the television camouflaging the wirings, while the surrounding cabinets have open racks and closed shelves of different shapes and sizes.


Unique wall-mounted units

Wall-mounted units without any floor-level storage space are great décor ideas for homes that are not looking for excessive display options from the wall unit. Their pure white cabinets with a classy sleek finish add to the room’s elegance.


Rustic look and feel

Wall cabinets get a rustic twist with floor-level drawers. Their open racks and tabletop space help store your entertainment options and books. This look goes well with a casual interior décor look. Additionally, it also gives you enough options to experiment with quirky design ideas.


There are many more such design ideas for entertainment center wall units. These decor ideas are a perfect fit for your beautiful living rooms. But we know that you will need some help with this. Our décor experts from Satorie can help you find the ideal entertainment centers.

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