Layer Your Home with Decor Textures for a Refreshing Look

Do you find something missing in your décor even after adding everything to it – color, furniture and all little decorations possible? Does it feel flat and incomplete? Of course, it will – if your home does not include the right balance of decor textures! Subtly layer your home with just the right combination of decor textures and watch the dramatic change that it has on your home’s interiors!

Adding decor textures to your home’s interior is the coolest and easiest way to spice up your home and bring it to life. They make your rooms cozier and inviting. There is no set of rules for introducing texture to your home. So it is always a ton of fun to texturize it.

Here are a few tips on how to add depth to your space with decor textures.

“Rug”ged magic

Add an extra dimension to your room through rugs. Rugs are the simple and elegant sources of texture. They give you an opportunity to introduce a new type of texture every time you change them. Striped rugs, fluffy rugs, and knitted rugs spruce up the flooring.

Blanket personality

Bright colored blankets and bedspreads create an apt mood and bring home coziness. Soft linen fabrics, quilt, velvet, and woolen blankets will get well with the ambiance spreading the warmth and comfort. You can experience the essence of luxury with fur blankets.

Metallic sheen

Get your home the stunning metallic texture through metallic décors. They bring home the glam of metals. Steel, silver, gold, brass, and copper are the few common ones those could add style and class to your décor.

Natural wood and choir

What can be better than nature? Woods have their unique beauty and texture. They can be utterly used everywhere. Let it be a raw edge finish or a polished one, the woody and choir-based texture never fails to make a modern statement.

Rustic brick

When it comes to walls, both interior and exterior, the super trendy stone and brick theme become a fashionable feature. These brick and stone walls give a rustic feel making way for some contrasting décor.

Wall textures

Texture doesn’t have to be always about materials. Bright colors with different patterns can also texturize your space lifting it to the next level. The current trend is to focus on a highlight wall with bright textured paints. This requires you to tone down or match the decor of the other decor elements.

Smart cushions

Cushions are some of the easiest ways of introducing textures into your decor with patterns, prints, material, and color. Bright cushions can brighten up even the simplest of decors and is often a DIY approach to achieve simple room makeovers.

This list is by no means complete! There are at least a ton other ways of introducing decor textures into your home through curtains, tabletops, mirrors, tiles, and many more options. Connect with our expert interiors designers at  https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.