How to choose the best sectional sofas that suit your purpose?

Sectional sofas are simple, practical, and attractive seating options that are perfect for all types of living rooms –be it small or large. It is a typical collection of single armchairs to sleeper units. In sectional sofas, two or more pieces of seating come together to form a single unit, which is usually L shaped or U shaped. Picking the right sectional sofa will add elegance and functionality to your living room with style.

Sectional sofas serve multipurpose purposes and they come in numerous shapes, styles, designs, colors, and textures to enhance every home’s decor. So here are some bright and brilliant sectional sofas that can notch up the luxury quotient of your homes

L-Shaped sectional sofas

L-shaped sectional sofas are an ideal single piece of furniture that completes the conversational zone of your home. It is usually a set of 3 seats with a love seat wedge, which is perfect for corners. You really do not need any other seating option for your living room with an L-shaped sectional. Hence, this is quite a popular option across many homes. Additionally, L shape is ideal for small rooms as it fits right into the corners of the room, saving precious living space without compromising on style.

U-Shaped sectionals

U-shaped sectionals are ideal for conversations, as it accommodates a number of people. The U shape enables every seated person to face one and another. This creates an intimate space and energy flow every home needs to enjoy a harmonious family time. However, this does require a relatively large living space that is dedicated to the conversational zone.

Curved sectionals

Curved sectional sofas provide you with enough seating space without letting anyone alone in the corners. You can put two curved sectionals together to get a smooth u-shaped sectional sofa, which is best for a group conversation.

Entertainment sofa

This type of sectionals is currently trending. With additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, cup holders, and charging port, entertainment sectionals are indeed the perfect home theater buddies. You can specially design sectionals that fit the design and dimensions of your room quite easily.

Storage sofa

These super comfortable sofas hold secret compartments in them that you can use for storage purposes. These storage spaces for books, for instance,  keep your favorite novels within reach for a relaxed reading session on your sofa. You can store cushions, shoes, kids toys, and innumerable whatnots in these secret chambers.

Sleeper sofa

Many homes don’t have guest rooms or spare beds for guests and sudden visitors. In those cases, sleeper sofas come for rescue. These sofas are usually heavier than the normal ones as they hold a hidden bed inside them.


There are a million more designs and themes in sectional sofas that you can choose from. Our sofa decor experts from Satorie Smart Space are indeed your perfect buddies. Our experts can help you select the perfect sectional sofa that will enhance the look and feel of your homes. Do drop in at https://satorie.in or call us at 098404 88402 today for exploring amazing options for your home decor project.