Bring Home the Rainbow for Your Cheerful and Vivacious Little Angels

Color Recommendations for your Children’s Rooms

Children are the soul of most homes – their exuberance and energy levels are incredibly tough to match. So you can well imagine the care and focus you need to have while planning their rooms.

Children have a vivid personality – hence, you’ll need to ensure that their rooms reflect this spectacular vitality. So, let’s first start with the color of the room:

Blue: If your children’s room also involves some serious learning, add a sense of focus and relaxation with some cool blue – mix and match different shades of blue to bring in the playful deep blue with the serene softer shades



Green: Another color that emanates positive energy is green – the lighter shades bring in a sense of rejuvenation and are perfect for stress relief.



Gray: The often-misunderstood outcast color is our own dear gray – but gray brings in an amazing personality to your room when combined with white. This combination is an empty palette to experiment with brilliantly colored accessories in the room – from cushions to curtains!



2-colored themes: Focus on 2 main color themes for your child’s room with a relatively soft background. These bright and complementary colors can be added to the furniture and accessories to breathe life into your child’s room



Soft themes: Rather than introducing heavy distracting themes experiment with soft themes that blend well in the background – for example, polka-dotted room decor.



Bring home the rainbow: Introduce your little ones to the brilliance of colors through multi-colored room accessories. These would have the best effect when used against a pure white background.

05_flash of color


Accessorize color and pattern: Maintain a plain white background and focus on a specific color in the forefront – say, blue – and then experiment with multiple shades and patterns to give your child’s room a brilliant personality.



Murals: Adorn the walls of your child’s room with a beautiful mural – his or her favorite bird or animal or flower or any other treasured concept. Go slow on the rest of the decor elements to highlight this aspect and you have a sure place in the world’s best parents list!

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jingdianjiaju/3910547263/in/photostream/


Wallpaper: For the Disney, Minion, and Barbie lovers, the market has many options of concept-based wallpapers that will adorn their rooms. However, these can be distracting and might be a risk if it’s just a passing interest. So assess carefully before investing in this option.



Bright strong colors: Strong colors such as red should be included in your child’s room with caution since it can have quite a strong influence on their psyche in the long run – since this color is known for its excessive energy and passion, it would be wise to tone it down with accessories or a second color.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jingdianjiaju/3910531063/in/photostream/


So, now you must surely have quite a good idea about the color your child would love to see in the room! The only thing left to do is to get started.

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