Bright, Cozy, and Functional – Open Kitchen Design That’s Just the One You’re Looking for

An open kitchen design that makes smart use of all the available space and does not make your kitchen look messy is your perfect dream! Well, this week’s design is the perfect answer to all your wishes of what an ideal kitchen should look like. This open kitchen design has the perfect look, ideal lighting, extensive storage, and superb functionality. This is the best option if you are looking for a kitchen decor that is easily manageable and spacious. Let’s look at the different features of this kitchen.


1 The Color Palette

The color palette of this kitchen is soft and soothing. The black, white, cream, and creamish orange combination opens up all the available space. The light colored tiles cover three-fourth of the walls, making maintenance and cleaning an easy job. The warm wooden colors add elegance to the room.

2 The Eat-in Zone

The crisp, wooden extension from the kitchen counter and two smart chairs create a quick eat-in zone within the kitchen. This is a great feature to have, especially in homes where the family has no time for elaborate breakfasts. This space is ideal to grab a quick bite and clean up quickly.

3 Shape

The double-U shape is perfect is giving the family maximum table top space to work and store equipment and cutlery. Despite the many items that are present on the kitchen top, the entire space is looking clean and uncluttered.

4 Serving/Prep Zone

This unique design also gives and additional prep zone after the eat-in area. This is perfect for an open kitchen where you need to place your completed dishes after a meal. With a dining table next to this zone, you will not be cluttering the dining space with serving bowls and containers.

5 Cupboards

Another special feature in this kitchen is that it has no cabinets or cupboards under the kitchen top. Yes, it does appear as though this plan would not have enough storage space. But the design compensates for this by filling the top space with different types of cabinets, shelves, and display sections. The white and black combination in this section elevates the decor quotient of the kitchen. The family can easily segregate their storage based on where the cupboards are present – easy-access spices above the stove and over the sink grill-based shelves above the sink.

6 Wall Mounts

The right side of the kitchen has wall-mounted equipment space and a section that accommodates the fridge. This opens up the kitchen space and the refrigerator does not block easy movement. Similarly the entire backsplash space above the kitchen top has interesting holders for knives and cutlery, and an interesting spice stand.

7 Lighting

This design makes brilliant use of all the available lighting – the natural light streaming  through the window is the centerpiece of this design. The incredible combination of ambient lighting, recessed lights, display lights, task lights, and indirect lighting truly light up this space. The beautiful twin pendant lights add grace to the kitchen

8 Stove and Sink

The position of the stove and sink is also ideal – they are at a good distance from each other, with a double sink simplifying the cleaning and washing and the additional shelves above the stove helping the family reach out to essential spices and other items easily while cooking.

This smart kitchen design represents the perfect kitchen for today’s busy families. You can own this spacious kitchen with some careful planning of your decor in terms of the space you have, the storage space you require, and the overall theme you are interested in.

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