9 Useful Living Room Seating Arrangement Ideas to Use Your Living Room Space Wisely

The seating arrangement of a living room defines the space’s purpose and primarily depends on your family’s  personality.

Hence, do think carefully before you decide the seating arrangement of your living room else you will land up with a room stuffed with neglected furniture or a severe neck or backache from just sitting uncomfortably.

A simple seating arrangement suddenly sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

No worries! Here are a few tips to ace the seating arrangement challenge:

1. Conversation-focused living room: If you intend using the living room primarily for formal or casual conversations, go in for a U-shaped or semi-circular seating arrangement.


If you are lucky to have enough space, you can carve out separate formal, casual and entertainment seating areas from your living space

more than one


2. Optimize on the natural light: If you are the blessed few to have a fantastic French window or a spacious balcony with a killer view, then your seating arrangements must take advantage of all the light and the ambience

nearthe balcony


3. Display elements: If you are well travelled or if you love sharing mementoes of your treasured memories, then arrange your seating space around the display area

display (2)


4. Entertainment console: If the majority of your living room time is spent in front of your television, then plan your seating arrangements ergonomically such that you do not have to strain your neck or back watching the television. Maintain a healthy distance between the entertainment console and your seating space and have options to keep the remotes at your arm’s length.



5. Variety is the spice of your room: If it suits your personality, use different flavors of furniture and textures to add variety to your living room. An ottoman, for example, when used smartly can serve multiple purposes and adds vibrancy to your room.



6. An element of comfort: Yes, all the furniture you choose will include a comfort factor, but there’s nothing like a rocking chair or a lovely swing to add an interesting twist to your room – especially if your home has an elder or a child.



7. Corner space: Optimize corners near windows with a comfortable seating space to rest your tired souls or meditate or to read your favorite novel or just enjoy a few moments of quiet.



8. Window sill: For the lucky few who have a window sill, please do use this lovely space to the maximum – transform it into a mini library, or your contemplation spot, or a display unit – but ideally, include this space in your seating area for those extra cozy cushiony seats.



9. A little extra – just in case: If you’re someone who entertains guests regularly, it’s a wise idea to keep a couple of ottomans or easy-to-store chairs in reserve so you can take them out when you have many visitors.


Sounds exciting, right!

Well, you might need some help with this!

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