8 Smart Lighting Ideas to Light up Your Living Room

While we spend too much on interiors, we often forget the importance of lighting. The right lighting sets the perfect tone of your living room. But with so many options of lighting ideas available, selecting the right lighting can be a tedious process. You need to think about the decor theme, color, elements that need highlighting, the extent of natural lighting in the room, the dimension, the shape of the lighting source, the type of light, and many more details. You must feel overwhelmed already! But no worries! Here are 8 smart lighting ideas that will fit any home perfectly.

1 Pot lights or recessed ceiling lights

These lights serve best as they are equally distributed on the ceiling and illuminate the room without casting shadows. These lights can also be fixed along with some central fixtures highlighting certain furniture or object. This arrangement is a great idea to have non-intrusive lighting that provides the right amount of light without having an overbearing effect on the room’s decor.

2 Chandeliers and pendants

Chandeliers and pendants are center pieces of attraction that add oodles of personality to your living room. Chandeliers never go out of trend, with extensive reinvention providing a wide range of decor choices. They illuminate the room with sparkling beauty further enhancing the style. They complement the surrounding by adding to the decor theme or standing out as the main highlight. 

3 Track lights

These are small lights that help you focus on a task at hand but they extend over a track across a larger area than pendants do. This is a great idea for a home office set up in your living room or for a cozy reading corner. This light highlights only a specific area without spreading across the entire living room. This gives you a great opportunity to concentrate and get your work done, without disturbing the rest of the lighting setup.

4 Wall sconces

Introducing wall sconces into your living space can accelerate your design with boldness and luminescence. They always come in rescue when there is a shortage in space. Classic or contemporary these elegant space saving fixtures never fail to meet our expectations.

5 Up lights

Up lights in living room is a thrilling selection. These lights are to be strategically placed on floors facing upwards. A white strip LED just requires a small space and is extremely flexible.

6 Up-down light

Up down lights is a combination of both up and down lights in one fixture. They provide simultaneous lighting for both ceiling and floor without direct glare. They unleash light and shadow patterns on the walls when wall mounted. This brilliant combination covers all the areas of the living room – from ceiling to flooring.

7 Floor-level lights

Floor-level lights add a lot of glamour to the living room, with their unique designs and texture. These lightings are more of decor elements and are great corner elements. These lights look great as a vertical and cylindrical decor support, but multiple other options are available too.

8 Table lamps

A classic living arena is incomplete without a trendy table lamp. From brass to nickel, wood to bamboo, cosmopolitan glass to modern designer fibers your options for table lamps are endless.


The lighting options for your living room are truly endless. However, it can be really confusing since there are indeed many details to think about. We understand that you really need some expert designer support to get your dream lightings. So for more such bright lighting and décor ideas, do drop in at https://satorie.in or call us at 098404 88402 today.