8 Examples of Perfect Kitchen Color Combination for Your Home

One of the easiest makeovers that you can give your kitchen is adding in some bright new colors to it. It can either be a paint job or putting in some colorful changeover. But finding the ultimate kitchen color combination of colors can be quite a challenge. There are many solutions up our sleeves, right from smart cutlery and colorful containers to colored kitchen cabinets, walls, and flooring. There are many simple coloring strategies that make your kitchen sparkle and bring in the essence that you want.

Here are 8 kitchen color combinations that can enlighten your space.

White and black

This classic color combination is always the color of the year. Its elegance and class are timeless. Having the majority of the room in white with few decors in black highlights the room and makes it more interactive. White gives a brilliant feel of space while black gives the kitchen a clear personality and clearly separates each zone in the kitchen. But on the downside, you will need to maintain the kitchen spic and span. Go in for white kitchen counters, backsplashes, sinks, and windows. Use black and white for cabinets.

Shades of Yellow

Bright shades of yellow provide the kitchen space with a visually expanded look. Dark yellow with light shades of white and cream make a good combination. Yellow and white color palette brightens up your kitchen. Yellow is the color of the sun and true to its nature, this color spreads cheer and brightness to your kitchen. But do not overdo the yellow color; else the color will hurt your eye. Also support the kitchen with bright splashes of yellow, as in eat-in counter seats, yellow vases, or yellow wallpaper.


These earthy shades vary from light sand brown to dark chocolate brown. They tend to deepen the mood of the space. Light shades give a crisp and clean look while the dark ones make the space cozy and easy for maintenance. Brown, the color of wood, is a clear favorite of Indians, with elaborate wooden paneling, from wooden cabinets to flooring. Avoid the tendency to overdo the brown, especially wood. The water area in the kitchen can cause extensive damage, so watch out and take good care.

Light shades of cream

The neutral cream color is an ideal backdrop for your kitchen. It blends perfectly with all colors and patterns. Light cream is graceful yet modish in look. But don’t forget to add some bright complementary colors, else your kitchen will wear a sad and dull look.

Shades of gray

Gray is a neutral blend that gives a calming effect to the space without compromising on the class that the black and white combination would display. Its electrifying effect is just perfect for the kitchen décor and maintenance. Gray in combination with steel gives an incredibly classy and modern feel.


Red is a strong color that can fuel up your kitchen. If you are a person full of energy and expect the same from your surrounding then red is the color for you. Red in the kitchen is not uncommon and it can be well balanced when combined with white. Red is also the color of food. Have you noticed that all the popular food brands use red in their logos – from Coke to McDonald’s? So using red in your kitchen can stimulate your appetite too!


Few colors work well in all rooms. Blue is one such color. It makes the kitchen look cool and welcoming. The subtle color turns the room stun and sophisticated. The color of water and the sky, the combination of blue and white gives a spacious look, while blue and brown give the kitchen a modern touch. You can experiment with this versatile color with multiple textures too.


Shades of green can transform your kitchen completely. It never goes out of fashion and makes the space more inviting. Green is all about health and energy. So adding a dash of green to your kitchen will bring freshness into your kitchen.

There are many more such bright kitchen color combinations that can add a brilliant personality to your cooking space. We know you’d love to experiment with kitchen colors further. For more such colorful kitchen décor ideas, do drop in at https://satorie.in or call us at 098404 88402 today.