Decorate Your Homes with Some Green and Healthy Indoor Plants  

Going green and cool is the best option to beat Chennai’s heat. This is precisely what your home’s interiors would love the most too. So why no gift yourselves and your homes the best of easily manageable greenery. Satorie’s décor experts come to you with some super interesting tips on how to arrange indoor plants to match your interior design. These are simple options that require a little bit of care, but the amazing results are totally worth it. So get your green fingers ready, folks!

01 Climbing vines on grilled separators

An interesting option is to use grilled separators between rooms as a frame to allow your indoor vines to climb. This provides a lovely green façade to your room and is purifies your indoor space. Make sure you clip and prune them regularly for best results.


02 Vertical or horizontal green corner

Creating mini-gardens indoors, especially in living rooms, is a great idea both visually and for some fresh air. While decorative indoor pots are a great idea, also experiment with indoor cemented rectangular blocks where the mud is covered with a beautiful pebbled surface. You can fill the space with short or tall plants to suit your décor theme. Alternatively you can create vertical shelves and place beautiful, small indoor plants that attract immediate attention and purify the air.


03 Beautiful bonsai

Bonsai arrangements are extremely popular indoor plant options. With miniature trees like the Ficus Bonsai and the Jade tree adorning living rooms and patios, these arrangements require special care since their requirements differ from those of regular indoor plants. Gift them sunshine and humidity, and strictly follow restricted watering guidelines.


04 Table-top plants

Succulents and cacti make for beautiful table-top plants. These are really easy to set up and maintain. They need minimal watering and they do not need excessive attention. These bright-looking terrariums smarten up the entire interior space.


05 Hanging potted plants

Hanging baskets with plants are brilliant space savers and look amazing on spacious rooms such as above a dining table. Use plants that require minimal watering and timely trimming. The hanging baskets and pots come in multiple shapes and designs, which can add to your interior décor charm.


06 Under the stairs

Create an elegant under-the-stairs garden with just potted plants or a pool-based garden to add a rustic charm to your living space. This not only gives your home a refreshing look, but it is also healthy. However, water bodies need a lot of attention, else they will easily become sources of mosquitoes and looks unpleasant.


07 Kitchen herbs

Tiny potted herbs like coriander, basil aloe vera, spider plants, and rosemary not just add color to your kitchen tops but are also immensely useful. For example, coriander is a common herb used in foods, while aloe vera is a great option to soothe cuts and wounds. Place them in a sunny corner or, better, the window sill for best results.


08 Fresh at work

Decorate your home office with some fresh breath of greenery by placing an elegant potted plant next to your work desk or a small succulent plant on your table. Make sure that they are easy to maintain and do not cause spillovers. Even a simple money plant can bring a touch of freshness to your work corners.



There are a million more décor ideas where you can incorporate indoor plants into your interior design themes easily. Connect with Satorie’s design experts at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such concepts.