7 Sofa Designs That Drive the Luxury Quotient of Your Home Straight through the Roof

You can bring home style and class with just one stroke – and that’s your sofa. Yes, sofas are the focal point of every living area and it is often the highlight of your home. But selecting sofa designs that perfectly fit the decor theme of your home can be quite an exhausting task that requires you to consider both trend and comfort. A perfectly selected sofa set brings home the “wow” factor. So, make sure that you invest in the right sofa without compromising on style and trend.

Here are 7 sofas that are a mix of innovation, tradition, fashion, style and quality.


Design 1: Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are the trending beauty icons of your living room. These sofas pair beautifully with modern and classy decor themes, and they come in a million different options. So, you really can choose from a majestic large black sectional sofa set with chaise to a curved multifunctional, adjustable neck, additional cup holder, and even recliner sectionals.


Design 2: Fusion designs

A fusion of classic and modern style with plush seating. The seating has wonderfully thick with large cushions in contrasting colors. This comfortable white sofa completes the living area by occupying the corners. They add a mystic touch to most modern and traditional decor themes. With multiple textures to choose from, including wood, fabric, and leather – the designs can be customized to specific requirements.


Design 3: Large single couches

Single couches come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. There are many examples, from circular couches that are perfect for a cozy restful experience to vintage single couches that are the best fit for a quiet read in a comfortable corner.


Design 4: Lounge chaise

You can chill in style with a wide range of design options in lounge chaise. These are not just comfortable but also great to look at, coming in exotic colors and textures. It’s a long reclining chair with a single arm where you can stretch your feet and relax.


Design 5: Chesterfield

Tufted Chesterfield sofa in dashing black is just incomparable. The majestic look with traditional charm makes it a brilliant décor introducing love and luxury. Its fabulous design and antique look have been redefined to gear up the current trend without losing its class.

Design 6: Cabriole

Cabriole is indeed a signature piece in lovely colors. Its eye-catching appearance and terrific design will bring home the comfort of tradition. Cabriole sofa is a decor by itself putting up an antique charm with royal elegance. Many variants of a cabriole, especially with a royal Indian twist, are available, with extensive scope for customization.

Design 7: Lawson

The retro style colorful Lawson sofa with large and soft cushion seating has been in style since time immemorial. With innumerable variances in look and feel, the Lawson style sofas have been the darlings of all types of living rooms. Their characteristic large cushions and arms that are positioned slightly lower as compared to the back, with a characteristic rolled shape, are their trademark designs.


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