7 Smart Points to Check When You Plan Your Kitchen Decor

  1. Your search for a cozy and perfect kitchen décor comes to an end here.

No, not always do you need a big kitchen or a full pocket to transform your kitchen. Creating a stunning, unique kitchen that is as functional as is beautiful is easier now. Just follow these 7 basic thumb rules and you’ll gape in wonder at the brilliant kitchen decor transformation.


Pointer 1 – Let the sun in

Yes, allow the sun to expand and illuminate your kitchen.  Whatever decorations you do, need to be seen bright and fresh. Sunlight does that for you at a free of cost. Try to bring in more of diffused light than direct radiation. Cleverly placed reflection materials such as mirrors, enlarge your kitchen with an even spread of light.


Pointer 2 – Golden triangle rule

Increase the efficiency of your kitchen by changing its basic manner of working. The sink, stove and storage (refrigerator) should form the corners of a triangle on the working aisle. This makes your kitchen more sophisticated and super-efficient.


Pointer 3 – Color palette

Any color scheme with white is pleasant and soothing, be it a small or a larger kitchen. Being the color of cleanliness and purity, this works great for your kitchens. White accompanied by bold rustic wooden finish makes statements. Lighter shades with a tint of black can scream out elegance and class. The brown from the woodwork and shades of cream are also a popular combination. But the recent trend towards brilliant color palettes from red to yellow are creating quite a wave. However, in such cases ensure that the color palette you choose does not clash with the rest of your decor theme.

Pointer 4 – Kitchen plans

“Less is more” – the new drift of style. Kitchens no more have to be an enclosed space. Open kitchens integrate the isolated cooking area with the active and spacious living rooms. Hence, ensure that you remove all the clutter and maintain a neat working surface. You can also use interesting kitchen decor elements such as display items, pictures, and ornamental plants in the kitchen such that it contributes to your home’s decor theme.


Pointer 5 – Optimize vertical space

Utilizing the vertical walls of your kitchen will make life easier.  Rolling shelves with organized pegboards are your design solution for both fashion and function. Choosing shelves instead of cabinets widen up the interiors with style. This also helps remove the clutter from your kitchen tops.


Pointer 6 – Kitchen shape

You have a number of options while choosing your kitchen plans, based on your kitchen real estate. For single cook kitchens, a galley is a perfect option. Try L shape to activate the corners. U shape and island counters are just right for the work to flow and adds movement.


Pointer 7 – Flooring and backsplash

Backsplashes are now not just to safeguard the walls. With a meticulous selection of backsplash materials extending from wood, tile to glass, adorning your kitchen is a piece of cake. Ameliorate the countertops with rough stone finished tiles and grey toned cabinets, or just go edgy with glossy black and bright red bricks. By pairing the industrial marble with worn wood shelves, you can transform your simple kitchen into a crazy one within budget.


There are indeed many more kitchen decor options you can choose from to increase the decor quotient of your kitchen. You need some interior design experts to give you that perfect kitchen that’s great to look and easy to work in. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart kitchen decor ideas.