7 Essential Items Every Living Room Decor Should Definitely Include

Your home becomes stylish when your living room decor is adequately spruced up. Your living room is not just the most popular room of your home where you spend your quality time with your family. It is also the first room that creates a grand impression on you and your visitors. So it is important that your living room decor is planned in such a way that you are comfortable and the room looks tasteful in terms of decor theme. Any living room decor isn’t complete without some essential interior design items.  Here are 7 key items that every living room decor checklist should have.

A Comfortable and Classy Sofa

The deciding authority of a living room’s look is the design, color, texture, shape, and the size of its sofa. The sofa is the crucial focal point of every living room decor. So do your research, match the design and other sofa elements to your home’s decor theme when you choose the perfect sofa for your living arena with a couple of love seats to rest in.

Attractive coffee table

Living rooms ought to have a coffee table which complements the sofa. Coffee tables have to be chosen according to your daily needs and taste. There are a million designs in the market – from tiny and attractive glass-top coffee tables to elaborate carved wooden ones. The modern coffee tables have smart storage options, minimalist designs, and unique modern art pieces that can adorn any décor theme.


Blinds and curtains

The aesthetic charm of the room is enhanced with curtains. Apart from giving you a warm feeling, it also helps you to cut from the outside gaze when you are in need of it. Eye-catching colored curtains add beauty to the décor.


Lamps increase the visual interest and vibrancy of the room. The room’s appearance is enriched with different types of lights ranging from soft to strong and from recessed lightings to wall scone and pendants. Chandeliers – modern or traditional – add unimaginable charm to the room.


Vibrant contrasting-colored pillows on the sofa contribute to the overall look of the room. More the number of pillows, the more comfortable and cozy it is. Play around with size, shape, and texture along with color. Go bold with themes – it could be a print of your favorite painting or family pictures. It could also be modern art, patterns, plain colors, cartoons, or even sequins. Create a healthy balance between the throw-pillows and the upholstery in the room – else there will be quite an unhealthy clash.

TV cabinet and wall units

TVs are the heart of the entertainment console in the living room, making it indispensable. Modular wall units not only give a modest look but also provide with storage and display of your unique articles, books, gifts and so on.


Paintings and artworks

Liven your living room with artworks and photographs. The wall gets suddenly interesting when filled with live photographs. Artworks not only make your room attractive but also display your personality and creativity.

Well, seven is not the magic number! There are many more magic tips you can use to liven up your living room decor. We know that you need some trusted expert who can help you with these interior design tips. That’s where Satorie Smart Space’s expert designers can help you immensely. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.