6 Smart Tips to Achieve a Color-Coordinated Living Room Decor

The living room decor of every home needs a lot of focus and planning. After all, this is the most popular room in almost every home! The living room is the space to just lay back and relax in silence or to gather the family and turn on the fun. A perfect living room decor accommodates every member’s personality and purpose along with the overall decor theme. So, to set a perfect tone for your living room’s decor, you need to be heedful while picking up the colors for the living arena. Here are a few smart tips for you to get a well color coordinated lounge room décor.

Transform every element of your room to match the decor

Never forget, every element in your living area contributes to its color combination. Decide on what you want from your living room and be clear before picking up your choice. Do you want it calm and light? Or do you like it happening and dramatic? But ensure that every zone and item of the room conforms with the color pattern and theme – it could be a pristine white background with bohemian-colored furniture or a stark wooden pattern.


Go neutral in the background

Being the most used space of the home, set up a neutral base that would allow you to experiment all tricky hues. Neutral wall colors go well with all color combinations, blending perfectly to create the mood that you expect from your living room decor. Colors like off-white and cream yellow make the room look bigger and brighter while light shades of blue and green give it a cool look.

Floor to ceiling – dark to light

Try dark shades over the floor that gradually lightens up reaching the roof similar to nature. Add depth and richness with dark contrasting flooring. Earthy textures and bright colors bring home the sense of luxury and highlight the room. Over the neutral base build up the tone you want. Decorate the room with the furniture of your type – contemporary or modern. Stick to classic color combinations such as red and black, blue and white, pink and purple to add a peppy vibe to your room.


Bold hues scattered across the space

Accessorize your living room decor with bold and flattering hues. Dress it up with a bold patterned rug for a cohesive look and compliment it with soft monochromatic curtains. Introduce harmonizing color schemes to the room through artworks and pleasant wall hangings.

Create a central color focus

You could also create a central focus area that will be the decor limelight, given its unique color contrast – but remember to tone down the rest of the elements that share the decor space


Play with textures and forms

When working with just two colors, the decor theme might get dull – so add a small dash of a bright third color to create a burst of variance. Also play around with multiple textures, shapes, and designs of the prominent colors to create a variety rather than the monotony of repeat colors.


There are many ways you have available to bring enviable color coordination into your living room decor. All you need is some smart creativity and the support of your interior decor experts. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.