5 Smart Options of Utilizing Kitchen Cabinets for Maximum Storage Space

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a house since that’s where the yummiest of foods get ready. Indeed, today’s innovative kitchens have definitely made cooking more fun and enjoyable. But with diminishing size, kitchens today face the challenge of making space for all the appliances, utensils, and cutleries that are required for your culinary art is very important. And that’s where smart kitchen cabinets come in. Attractive, decor-friendly and spacious kitchen cabinets utilize all available space and deliver a healthy balance between functionality and aesthetics. So, here are a few options on how you can turn your kitchen cabinets into comfort statements by maximizing the storage spaces.

Open and closed cabinets

Decide between open or closed cabinets. How about implementing both? Open cabinets or open shelving is a source of a display where you can put up your fabulous collection of porcelain cookware and glassware. Hence, while closed cabinets keep your valuable equipment safe from grease and dust.

Upper and lower kitchen cabinets

Get a plenty of space by installing upper cabinets. It utilizes the overhead space completely putting up a composed look. Base cabinets below the hip level are convenient storage spaces those are within reach. Being below the eye level they hold no impact on the occupied space of the kitchen.

Special cabinets

Special cabinets are unique cabinet ideas that leave out no space unutilized. Under sink cabinet is an ideal space to store the garbage bin or the kitchen maintenance items. Small cabinets in the corners make space for the rarely used items.

Vertical cabinets

A huge single piece of cabinet similar to a cupboard that reaches till the roof leaving no space wasted. These tall pantry-type kitchen cabinets can be visually split into three units and based on the frequency of usage. These units along with storage confect a dramatic effect to your kitchen.

Island cabinets

If you want to free up your wall space then try cabinets under the kitchen island. Your kitchen islands are capable of providing you with a generous space to store all your kitchen items. It is a smart and elegant solution to double up your storage space.

Customized cabinets

Multipurpose storage systems, ready to assemble cabinets, semi-custom cabinets are a few other smart solutions for kitchen storage problems. Sleek designs include smart design to include equipment, cabinets with no holders, with custom shapes matching the need, and a smart combination of transparent, semi-transparent and glossy finish cabinets.

There are innumerable such decor options you can choose from to plan your kitchen cabinets. All you need is the help of our interior design experts to give you that perfect kitchen that’s great to look and easy to manage. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.