5 Smart Interior Design Ideas to Decorate Your Home’s Walls

Empty walls are wonderful interior design opportunities to bring home life and beauty. Walls are the focal point of every home, defining the shape and dimension of every room. You just don’t have to stop with giving them their colors. There are many more interesting and personalized interior design options you can experiment on using walls. Here are 5 smart décor ideas to decorate your walls.

Tip 1 – Wall Art

Decorate the walls with your creative designer art. Wall paintings are trending! Get your space more personalized and enjoy the feel of completeness. You can pick any style as per your interest and fill the wall. Make your choice and unleash your creativity.

Tip 2- 3D wallpapers

3D wallpapers are a visual treat. It adds hype to your décor creating an entirely new world inside your room. This captivating option is an exciting solution for the ones looking for some unique and quirky wall decors. Textured walls also make a brilliant decor statement, with themed textures that map the overall look and feel of your home’s interior design.

Tip 3 – Stickers

It is an elegant option if you want to fill up your wall in a budget. These wall stickers give character to the wall. Wall tattoos come in numerous varieties – contemporary designs, favorite personalities, captivating quotes, and what not? Or just fill up your kids’ room with the figures of their favorite cartoon characters.

Tip 4 – Wall of frames

Putting up your loved one’s picture on your wall never goes out of trend! But how you do it matters! Display the pictures with all your creativity! Mixing of black and white photos with colored ones, sequencing the pictures on a certain criterion are a few simple hacks. Focus on the type of frames and the covers you use. Too much glare from the covering glass or a gaudy frame can ruin the effect of a beautiful artwork. Equally, plan your lighting as part of your home’s interior design in such a way that it helps focus everyone’s attention on the masterpieces.

Tip 5 – Think out of the box

Bring out your own ideas in style. Try distinctive ideas such as empty frames, indoor plants, homemade wall hangings, old music records, mirrors that adapt to your mood and theme of your home, or just flood your wall with the pages of your favorite book. Remember to tone down the other elements of your room’s interior design so they do not take the attention away from your statement wall!


Many more such wall decor ideas can help you transform the interior design of your home from beautiful to breathtaking! All you need is some help from the experts – yes, the interior design experts from Satorie Smart Space! Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 for more such smart interior decor ideas.