5 Interior Decor Checks for Second-Hand Apartments

Many of our dreams to buy our own home lead us to second-hand apartments. These are often by no means ready-to-move in, especially from an interior decor point of view.  Unlike new homes, second-hand apartments have their own challenges. In addition to evaluating the home from a legal and construction quality point of view, every buyer should be ready to put some extra effort to assess the space from an interior design point of view too. With a little bit of work, you can own a lovely home for your family to live happily ever after.  Here are a few points for you to look while buying second-hand apartments.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors are very common details that can be easily checked. Windows and doors ensure the safety of your home. Thus, you cannot make any compromise with it. Stuck doors and windows, gap between the wall and window frame, interior finishes are few points to check. You may also want to open up some windows to add more natural light or create a seating arrangement at the window sill.



Revisit the entire kitchen plan – check whether you need to make major revisions or just tweaks. Focus on every tiny detail, from flooring to wall texture, from backsplash design to kitchen top material, and from cabinets to type of kitchen sink. Check whether the plumbing requires revamping. See if you can incorporate smart elements such as in-kitchen dining or kitchen wall displays.



Check the faucets for any plumbing issues. Never judge it by yourself. You never know what it may be, just a block or a complete pipeline collapse. If you get a second-hand apartment with well designed and maintained toilets, then you are indeed lucky. Redesign the toilet and the bathroom space to ensure that you separate the wet and dry areas, with enough storage space and lighting.


Wood works

If your apartment holds permanent wood works in it, then you have to watch out for its condition, termites, and pests. Bad wood jobs would turn out to be a visible curse for your home. Hence use expert advice to ensure that the woodwork is in good shape.



Any change or renovation in the flooring of the home is no simple task. It would involve a huge sum of expense and labor. Homes built with old-fashioned flooring would virtually require modification at any time in future. Do check for other issues such as the durability of flooring, flawless laying and bucking or warping in laminate flooring.


Paint job

It may seem a simple issue but it involves a lot of effort as it decides the complete appearance of your home involving both internal and external. The common problems that you can find are blistering, peeling, flaking, and chalking. Also look for quick painting work that’s possibly hiding a huge problem in the background.


Second-hand apartments require you to be extra careful, even when it comes to assessing its decor elements. This exercise can be quite daunting; however, with the help of a decor expert you can definitely evaluate your potential home for decor corrections. Connect with us at https://satorie.in/ or call us at 9840488402 today.